What happens?

On this page I've given a quite detailed explanation of the approach that I take when working with clients.  If the thought of reading all this gives you a headache please skip it, it's not essential for  you to know this.  If however, you like lots of details, you will probably find this interesting.

Our first meeting

At our first meeting, usually we’ll just talk.  You will be able to ask me any questions that you might have about Cognitive Hypnotherapy.  You’ll also be answering lots of interesting questions about your situation and the problems that you are experiencing; often this will involve you thinking about your problem in ways that you haven’t done before.  Unless you would like to, it’s usually unnecessary to go into negative experiences in much detail.

Then you’ll shift your focus to how you would like to be once you’ve achieved what it is that you want from Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Because success means us working together as a team, we’ll then agree a plan for how to move forward towards your new future.

Many clients report feeling very positive and optimistic after this initial session, more motivated to make changes in their lives.

Our second meeting

Before our second meeting, using what I’ve learnt about you and your situation, I will prepare a customised plan to help you get the result that you want in the shortest amount of time for the changes to be permanent.

At this meeting, we will start to work together to change the patterns of thought and/or behaviour that make up your problem.  Where appropriate, I will equip you with techniques that you can use to manage your problem in your everyday life.

At the end of this session, we may agree some tasks for you to take away to work on as this will greatly speed up the process of change.

Subsequent meetings

What happens next depends upon the feedback that you give me.  Often during the course of therapy, the problem seems to change, so I will always be tailoring my approach to what you are telling me about your situation. 

Once you are noticing positive changes, we will work to lock those changes in so that they become a part of your everyday life.

Some problems need more work than others so it’s impossible to give an accurate answer when a client asks how many session they will need.  That being said, in my experience most clients see me between 2 and 6 times.