Benefits of using Cognitive Hypnotherapy

You might be wondering what’s different about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and why people choose to use it.

With Cognitive Hypnotherapy you are not reliant on will-power alone to make changes.  The changes that you want become part of your everyday experience, which means that you can break out of the cycle of repeating the same old mistakes and not go back to old problem behaviours.

We will deal with the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.  This means that results are usually rapid and clients often report that they are also seeing improvements in other areas of their life where they weren’t expecting them.

You choose the solution state that’s most appropriate for you.  Success is defined by you, not me, so that it feels natural and right for you.

There’s no need to rehash old, painful experiences.  If you wish, you can choose not to tell me the details; Cognitive Hypnotherapy will still work to get you the results that you want for yourself.

Although the changes that clients experience can be profound, they are also subtle. You will not become someone unrecognisable to friends and family; you become you, having a really good day, much more of the time.