I'm Sarah Hedley, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist working in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.  Whether you're searching for solutions for yourself, or someone you care about, Cognitive  Hypnotherapy is a modern, science-based approach to overcoming many of life's challenges, often in less time than you might have thought.

 If you’ve looked at other therapies and therapists, you may have seen long lists of problems that can be helped.

 I work differently because I treat you, not the label you give your problem.

All treatment is tailored to you; how you process information, the exact details of your situation and your desired future.  It is extremely unlikely that two people would ever have exactly the same situation.  For example, I could see several clients who describe their problem as ‘anxiety’ but the techniques and hypnotic words that I use with each of them are different.  This flexible approach means that most people with problems can be helped.

That being said, people who come to see me tend to fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed by life
  • Wondering why, when you have everything you thought you wanted, your life seems so bad
  • Physical problems that seem to have no end or solution
  • Struggling with relationships
  • Lacking confidence, socially or professionally
  • Dreading an upcoming event, even though it’s something you really want to do
  • You’ve tried willpower to beat your cravings or addictions, but keep falling back into old habits
  • Seeing yourself making the same mistakes, over and over again


If there's something else that you need to know, feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to answer your questions.  I love the work that I do, so I look forward to discussing your situation and how Cognitive Hypnotherapy may be able to help you.  There is no charge for this initial discussion and no obligation to book an appointment.