Appointments & fees

Choosing your therapist is an important decision.  It’s essential for you to be comfortable with your hypnotherapist; so I would encourage you to contact me for a free of charge, no obligation discussion of your situation and how we could work together to get you the results you want.  It could be useful to speak to one or two other therapists to compare approaches and be confident with your choice.

Making an appointment

Appointments are available:

Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am to 2.45pm, last appointment 1.30pm.

Changing your appointment

Life can get in the way of the best made plans, so if for any reason you need to rearrange your appointment please contact me immediately.  I reserve the right to charge 50% of the session fee if you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice.


All sessions are £80, payment is due at the conclusion of each session, cash or cheques are accepted (sorry, no cards).

Included in the session fee, I offer phone or email support between our meetings, so that you know you can contact me if you need to.  If appropriate for your situation, I will give you a bespoke MP3 (or CD) hypnosis recording for you to use to continue the change process between meetings.  Again this is included in the session fee, so there are no hidden extras to pay for.

Initial session duration: 75 to 90 minutes     Subsequent session duration:approx 60 minutes

I always leave sufficient time between appointments so that if we need a little longer, there will be no rush to finish.

How many sessions?

Because I treat everyone as an individual, and not by the label they give their problem, it’s impossible to give an exact answer when a client asks how many session they will need.  That being said, in my experience most clients see me  3 or 4 times.

Ideally, our first two meetings will be within 7 - 14 days of each other, but any subsequent meetings can be spread out to suit your situation, your diary and your budget.

Be assured that I will always keep treatment to the minimum number of sessions that are needed to make change permanent.  For this reason, I do not ask clients to book multiple sessions in advance nor do I offer ‘block booking discounts’.

If you are motivated to be different, I am committed to working in partnership with you to achieve your desired goals in the shortest amount of time for the changes to become permanent.