What's different about my approach?

If you are motivated to be different, I am committed to working in partnership with you to achieve your desired goals in the shortest amount of time for the changes to become permanent.

As part of that commitment I offer phone or email support between our meetings, so that you know you can contact me if you need to.  This is included in the session fee.

If appropriate for your situation, I will give you a bespoke MP3 (or CD) hypnosis recording for you to use to continue the change process between meetings.  Again this is included in the session fee, so there are no hidden extras to pay for.

I will not tell you

  • What to do
  • To think positive
  • To stop worrying

Instead, I will encourage you to find your own resources and solutions, always supporting you to get the results you want.  Whatever you choose for yourself will be more effective than anything I could choose for you.


You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to find it within himself.  Galileo.